About Us

Toccoa church of ChristThe Toccoa church of Christ wishes to extend a heart felt welcome to you. We are people trying be what the Lord would have us to be.

We are a group of Bible believing AND obeying people.  We use the Bible as a guide in every aspect of our lives.  We attempt to vocalize where is the Bible is vocal and remain quiet when Word of God is quiet.  We use no man made creeds and only recognize the  leadership positions established in the New Testament. The office of Elder is the highest earthly position a man can have in the Lord’s church.  The elders are to guide the flock (local congregation) which they oversee.  Christ Himself reigns over His kingdom, the Church, sitting at the right hand of God.  There is no Earthly head over the Lord’s church.

We are always willing to talk to and with people about The Bible, God, our Savior, Jesus the Christ or His Church. In the end, these are the most important topics a human can investigate.

The Church is made up of people who have followed the Biblical pattern to have them added, by God, to the Lord’s church. We gather as a humble people before an almighty God to offer our worship.  If you join us, you will observe a solemn service.  Full of respect and admiration for The Great I AM.  Our singing is from the heart; unaccompanied by the instruments of men.  A message will usually be delivered by our regular preacher, Ed Owens,  that is above all else, Biblically sound.