Guest Articles

The Bible teaches that each congregation of the Lord’s Church is to overseen by qualified men who are called Elders. The links on this page are to organizations with whom we find ourselves in agreement.  We are not in any sort of “convention”, “synod” or other man made titled arrangement.  They exercise no oversight upon us nor do we on them.  We do however, extend the right hand of  fellowship to them.

There is no need to recreate articles, essays or explanations of Biblically sound material that has already been published. If an article or essay is Biblically sound, we can share that document in good conscience and give the credit to the original authors.

Some of the parent organizations that are listed below put out an amazing amount of information. Some of these sites contain so much information that it would take months to read through and years to study through. It would take years to digest and fully understand all the information on the Christian Courier site alone.

Here are links to some articles that we find very beneficial to understanding some of the plain doctrines and teachings of the Bible. Many of these topics have either not been taught or taught incorrectly by some in the religious community.

From the Christian Courier Site:

From the Apologetics Press site: